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How To Make 3D Pop-Up Christmas Cards

If you’ve ever wondered how to make 3D pop-up Christmas cards, then you’re very much in luck. The PaperCrafter gang of brilliant designers are here with a whole host of them to get you feeling festive. We’ll talk you through the basic steps to make a DIY pop-up element, before showing off some of our stunning Christmas card projects. Oh, and there’s a video demonstration too. What a joy!

How To Make 3D Pop-Up Christmas Cards

How To Make A 3D Pop-Up Card

To make your own DIY pop-up projects, start off by following our simple step-by-step guide to making the central mechanism. Once you’ve got to grips with the basic pop-up design, you can start adding all manner of fun motifs to your cards. If you’re stuck for ideas, scroll down to find our selection of festive favourites.

1. Take two equally sized white blanks and decorate the inside of one. Draw a 2cm x 5cm rectangle in the centre of the same piece

2. Make cuts along the two longer sides of the rectangle, then score the two shorter sides. Create a step by gently pushing the rectangle from behind

3. Erase any pencil marks, then adhere the second blank to the back of the pop-up piece using double-sided tape

4. Finish by adhering your chosen motif to the step, ensuring that it does not extend outside of the card when closed

3D Pop-Up Christmas Card Video Tutorial


If you prefer to learn visually, then this pop-up Christmas card tutorial from Corinne Bradd over on The Crafts Channel is just what you need. Using an adorable festive gnome as her seasonal motif of choice, Corinne walks you through all the steps needed to fashion a Christmas greeting that’s truly special. Just like with our step-by-step instructions, Corinne’s video tutorial shows you how deceptively simple a 3D Christmas card really is.

3D Pop-Up Christmas Card Projects

Dive straight into these stunning 3D Christmas card projects that are available right here, right now on the PaperCrafter website.

Pop-Up Christmas Cottage

If you want your Christmas crafts to really stand out, then you can’t go wrong with this stunning pop-up Christmas cottage. Helen Fitzjohn’s keepsake card looks absolutely fabulous, but is in fact one of the most straightforward DIY pop-ups to create. Why? Our handy template of course! Combine it with just a few crafting essentials and you’ll be on your way to Christmas card success in no time. There’s plenty of room to personalise your cottage, too. We think it looks brilliant painted in soft rustic tones, but feel free to do whatever feels most festive to you.

Pop-Up Reindeer Card

There are few Christmas motifs more magical than Santa’s reindeer flying through the sky. So why not put a 3D spin on that fabulous image with our pop-up reindeer card. Tweaking our formula by using a circular blank instead of the usual rectangle, this reindeer greeting is guaranteed to catch the eye. It’s also a technique-heavy card that allows you to hone your skills as a crafter. Your reindeer project uses stamping, die cutting and ink blending, not to mention some wonderful heat embossing! The brilliant finishing touch? This card is full of colour, showing off all of the enchanting shades to be found in the Christmas night sky.

Pop-Up Robin Card

Family fun is, for many of us, what Christmas is all about. Luckily, our pop-up robin card is the perfect make for all the family. Once you’ve got the pop-up base nailed, you can enlist the help of some mini crafters for making the central robin motif. Simple and adorable in equal measure, Colette Smith’s robin design uses little more than coloured card and some circle dies - ideal as a Christmas family craft project. You can also customise this design by changing up the pattern on the card’s inside and the decoration on its front panel. Yet more opportunity for you and the kids to get creative!

Pop-Up Christmas Tree Cards

What’s better than a 3D pop-up Christmas card? Hmmm… three of them, perhaps? That’s exactly what we’ve brought you with this trio of pop-up Christmas tree cards. Each one is a wonderfully simple DIY design that uses a basic Christmas tree die-cut and transforms it into a 3D festive spectacular. By offering multiple designs in modern colour schemes, Kitty Day truly brings the seasonal spirit into your crafting with her cards. We’ve even included step-by-step instructions and photos to help you learn visually.

Pop-Up Santa Card

Is there a more joyous festive character than good old Father Christmas? We think not, which is why we’ve come up with this delightful pop-up Santa card. Not only are interactive cards like this amusing to receive, but they’re also incredibly fun to craft. For this project, we’ve presented our instructions in nine simple steps, with handy photos to help you along the way. Once you’re done, you will have a Santa card that’s simply bursting with colour.

Pop-Up Christmas Scene

This pop-up Christmas scene is the perfect way to get yourself feeling nice and cosy on a cold winter’s night. Making brilliant use of a Winnie & Walter stamp set, our wonderful designer Keren Baker has crafted a spectacular Christmas card that shows off the pop-up technique in all its glory. The best bit? It’s all a joy to craft, thanks to Keren’s simple instructions. Pop-up Christmas scenes really don’t come much better than this.

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