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Paper Pumpkins

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Our fabulous paper pumpkins are ideal for your autumnal crafting, bringing a quirky touch amongst the gloriously orange décor. Pumpkins are a staple of our crafting in the autumn months, so it’s great to find a design that brings something new to the table with the innovative use of old book pages. These paper pumpkins from Corinne Bradd have the added bonus of being a sustainable make, using your unwanted books for a crafty purpose. Corinne’s book page pumpkins are almost entirely made of recycled books, making them the perfect upcycling project to add to your autumnal plans.

Paper Pumpkins

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Old books
Die, circle
Wooden skewer
Binder clips
Alcohol marker, orange
Adhesives: PVA glue, glue stick
Die-cutting machine

1. Use a circle die to cut lots of discs from book pages. Fold each circle in half and crease well. Stack up six folded circles so their folded edges are flush and hold the stack in place with binder clips at each end of the folds. Paste a liberal amount of PVA glue onto the folds and leave to dry completely before removing the clips.

2. Use an orange alcohol marker to colour the edges of the stack and leave to dry. Stack six or seven stacks together and clip before repasting to bind them all together. Ensure the glue is completely dry before removing the clips.

3. Cut down a wooden skewer to the height of the pumpkin plus 2cm. Glue the stick and allow to go tacky before wrapping the stack of book pages around it. Clip the ends of the wrap together as it dries.

4. Wrap the top of the stick with leftover book pages. Cut leaf shapes from more pages and fix to the top of the pumpkin. Snip a tapered strip of paper, curl over the blade of a pair of scissors to make tendrils, then secure the top ends between the folds of the semicircles.

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