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Retro Rockets Template

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Join Corinne Bradd and The Crafts Channel in crafting these charming retro rockets, all with the help of our FREE templates

Retro Rockets Template

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Take the accessible tutorials of The Crafts Channel, mix in a dash of Corinne Bradd’s full-of-fun style, and you have LIFT OFF. Space is all the rage at the moment, and these simple retro rockets are sure to scratch that itch for you and your family. Joining in couldn’t be easier, either. Just grab some card, download these FREE templates from the PaperCrafter website and get started. Your crafting will take flight in no time!

Check out Corinne’s video tutorial to make this intergalactic treat for yourself, or find the full project on our website.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have these templates available as SVG files!

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