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Bullet Journalling: How It Could Change Your Life

They’re the latest organisational craze – so effective they enabled one journaller to buy their first house. We brushed up on the basics of bullet journalling and put it in a neat and tidy PaperCrafter package – a new life potentially awaits…

Bullet Journalling: How It Could Change Your Life

Just what is a bullet journal anyway?
Put simply, a bullet journal is an organisational tool designed to make planning and completing tasks as stress-free as possible. It’s an antidote to messy to-do lists scribbled on crumpled Post-it Notes – the emphasis is on clarity and easily parsable information.
What do you need?
A notebook
A pen
(Yes, it’s really that simple. Obviously you’ll probably want to pep it up – more on that later…)

Dividing up your notebook
Index: Pencil this in at the front of your notebook – it will enable you to find the section you’re after quickly
Future log: Dedicate four pages to a calendar of the big plans you have for the year – huge events and goals you’ve set yourself
Daily log: This will make up the bulk of your bullet journal. You can set them out in advance, or do it day-by-day
Positivity page: Make sure to mark out a page after every seven days
Remember to make a key at some point in your journal so the symbols don’t get confusing!

How it works
Your journal is made up of Bullet Lists – short, compact summaries that can be read in a second. Clear and concise is the name of the game – say goodbye to endless run-on sentences. The bullets are:
• Task: Things that need to be done
— Notes: Comments on tasks or events, or things you can’t forget
O Events of note – birthdays, parent’s evenings
! Priority: Tasks that need to be done today
* Projects: Crafty ideas or crafts in progress – remember to keep it brief!

Customisation, baby…

These free planner stickers downloadables would make a great addition to any bullet journal…

Completion or migration
At the end of each day tasks and priority(s) should be updated to reflect their status. They are either completed (hooray!) or migrated (there’s always tomorrow). To complete a task, cross through the bullet icon. To migrate, write a > symbol over the bullet, and rewrite the task on another day in the journal.

Make it yours
Let’s be honest – no journal is going undecorated on your watch… add some dazzle to your organiser with these pretty buys…

Unicorn star washi tapes, set of eight, £8,

Travel chipboard stickers, £1,

Positivity page
A freeform chance to reflect on the week you’ve had, and jot down what you’re proud of achieving this calendar week. Once you’ve got into the habit of sticking to this schedule, it will become second nature – and you may even find that one page becomes two over time…

And why not download these border digi stamps to personalise your journal with some gorgeous patterns?

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