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Jazzy Bookmarks

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You’ll never forget what page you’re on with these handy helpers that can be made in under half an hour!

Jazzy Bookmarks

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You will need:

Craft essentials

Page savers

1. Cut a 5cm x 15cm strip of double-sided patterned paper and fold in half lengthways. Draw parallel pencil lines at 1.5cm and 2cm from the crease. Use a set square to draw lines at 45° angle from the fold to the lines at 1cm intervals.

2. Trim along the diagonals from the fold to alternate long and short parallel lines. Erase the pencil lines and unfold the strip of paper.

3. Fold down the chevrons created by the diagonal lines and crease. Tuck the downward point of each chevron underneath the upward point of the paper below and hold them in position.

4. If desired, weave a narrow strip of co-ordinating paper through the gaps down the centre of the bookmark before mounting the decorative strip on card and trimming to leave a narrow border.

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