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13 Craft Memes That Are Us All Over

If you love all things crafty, these memes are sure to have you giggling into your patterned papers. Our guiltiest thoughts have finally been captured for all crafters to enjoy – finally, we’re understood!

13 Craft Memes That Are Us All Over

1. Who cares what you spend — it’s all about the personal touch, right?

2. This is very true! Check out our sister site Top Crochet Pattern’s blog, 13 Patterns To Survive Zombie Apocalypse, to see what to craft when the world really ends.

3. We never liked to say it out loud, but we all know what’s more important!

4. We don’t mean to be rude, but scrapbooking comes first…

5. We are so dedicated to our craft projects, and our talents are endless.

6. Just blame it on someone else like we do!

7. We think this is the definition of a best friend!

8. Us crafters are basically unicorns.

9. Don’t hide your treats, we’re sure he will ‘let it go’ in the end.

10. Surely it must be acceptable to put crafting before your children sometimes?

11. You don’t need that kind of reckless behaviour around you.

12. It really is one of life’s little wins! *fist pumps in the craft room*

13. This would be an absolute tragedy. You’ll have to leave a secret note.

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