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Quilled heart

Quilling Quilling

This simple hanging decoration is easy to quill

Quilled heart

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METHOD: Quilled Heart

Glue together the ends of two crimped 1cm x 13cm red card strips. Bend these into teardrop shapes and stick together to make a heart outline.

Quill a variety of shapes from 1cm wide crimped lengths of white card and use them to fill the two sections of the heart.

Add three more layers of crimped red card strips around the outside edge of the heart, threading metallic thread through the top to make a hanging loop.

METHOD: Circular Bauble

Cut four 1cm wide strips of card to 9cm, 13cm, 17cm and 19cm in length. Pass them through the crimper then glue the two ends of each strip together to create four circles.

Fix the four circles together in one place with glue. Wrap a strip of crimped black card around the join.

Make a quilled square from a 1cm wide strip of black card. Stick it to the top of the circles, sandwiching a hanging loop between the two.

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