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Moth Bookmarks

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Use a sprinkling of Corinne Bradd’s crafty magic to help make a lot with a little

It never ceases to amaze us just how much you can create with your stash essentials. Take these stunning bookmarks, for example, which Corinne Bradd has put together using one spectacular paper pad and some crafty basics. It does help that the paper pad is the blindingly colourful Obed Marshall Especial, of course. Corinne has used it to great effect, showing off multiple patterns on each individual make.

Moth Bookmarks

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You will need

Templates from
Obed Marshall Especial Paper Collection
Cardstock, various colours
Adhesives: washi tape, 3D foam pads, glue

Moth bookmarks

1. Take coloured card, 5cm x 10cm, and bring the top corners of the rectangle to the bottom centre to make a triangle, creasing the folds. Using the templates from our website, cut a large moth wing shape from patterned paper and fold down the centre. Glue to the triangle to cover the flaps.

2. Cut the small wing and body pieces from patterned paper or coloured card, then fold in half. Glue the top of the small wings to the top of the large wings and place 3D foam pads under the lower sections to raise. Decorate the body with washi tape, wrapping the ends around the back. Fix to the bookmark with 3D foam pads.

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