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Make gift bags from one sheet of paper

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In the shops, you can spend a fortune on gift bags and wrapping without even realising. If you’re a crafter who loves card making, why not branch out and make your own easy gift bags? With only a few steps and tools needed, you’ll have a breeze making them.

Make gift bags from one sheet of paper

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12" x 12" Gingham papers, 50p each, 01429 837467,, Vintage lace or ribbon, Hole punch, Sticky tape

Ensure that all of your creases are sharp to give a cleaner finish

Take a sheet of paper and fold so two of the shorter opposite sides overlap in the middle. Use stick tape over the join to affix together.

This next step establishes the base and determines the height of the gift bag: Take the bottom of the bag shape and fold it upwards by roughly 6cm, giving it a sharp crease.

Next, with the bottom of the bag folded over, take the bottom piece of that fold and flatten, working the two corners into a triangular shape.

Fold the top and bottom of this base shape to meet and overlap in the middle. Secure with sticky tape. Next, put your hand into the bag and shape the base with your fingers to lengthen the sides and leave the base a rectangular shape.

Punch two holes into the top of the bag shape and thread lace or ribbon through the holes. Tie into a knot to give a handle. To finish, tie another length of ribbon roughly 8cm above the base.

Need some visual help? We found a great video tutorial here.

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