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Make an adorable Easter basket

Easter crafts

Turn a sheet of card into a lovely Easter basket. Using our downloadable template, this sweet make by Corinne Bradd is a doddle to create. Enjoy selecting your favourite patterned papers to decorate the side panels and then fill it with tasty chocolate treats.

Make an adorable Easter basket

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Craft Essentials, Raffia

Download the template and trace onto cardstock. Cut and score the sections where indicated. Cover the eight petal-shaped side panels with patterned papers.

Assemble the basket by joining the sides together using double-sided tape on the folded tabs.

Create a handle from a 30cm strip of card covered with patterned paper. Fold under 2cm on both ends and use these tabs to fix the handle to the inside of the basket.

Make decorative flowers for the handle by unfurling a length of raffia and wrapping it around two fingers in a figure of eight. Secure the centre of the wrap with twine.

Fan out the petals of the raffia flower and glue to the handle. Cover the twine with a circle of patterned paper.

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