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Halloween Spiderweb Decorations

Halloween crafts

Learn to make Halloween decorations out of paper with this super easy tutorial

Halloween Spiderweb Decorations

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Thin paper: purple, black, pale pink, orange
Sharp scissors or craft knife

1. Take a square of thin paper and fold into quarters. Partially unfold and fold each quarter panel in half to make eighths. Unfold again and concertina fold each section in half to make sixteenths. Place our template over the concertina stack and sketch the cutting lines on top – use as much or as little of our template as you like to create different sized spiderwebs.

2. Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut through all the layers. If you struggle to cut through the thickness, try unfolding half of the stack and cutting this before tracing the template onto the other half and cutting this separately. Unfold the web carefully to avoid tearing the strands. Use a warm iron and press cloth to completely flatten the web before hanging.

Punch a small hole at the top and loop embroidery thread for hanging, or adhere directly to a window for a spooky display!

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