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Gardening Bullet Journal

How to Papercraft Papercrafter Techniques Colouring

To make sure all your flowers bloom at the right time and that there’ll be plenty of vegetables to harvest during the summer, it’s a good idea to plan exactly what you’re going to plant, and when. Creating a garden planner in your bullet journal can be really handy. It lets you keep track of everything, such as the best time to sow tomato seeds, or which day you should be planting tulip bulbs. Your garden planner will make sure that nothing is forgotten, and you can tick off every task as you go along. Striking hand lettering, together with tiny drawings and doodles, can make your garden planner really eye-catching and a pleasure to look at every time you open it.

Gardening Bullet Journal

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Template from (optional)
edding Colour Happy Big Box
Brush pens, edding 1340
Blank notebook

1. Decide on your page layout and sketch it out lightly in pencil first. Spread the month across two pages, with columns and for Monday to Sunday and little boxes underneath to represent the days of the month. Download and print the template if you need a guide for your sketch. 

2. Decorate the spread with your favourite flowers, symbols, or suitable garden motifs. Use the edding 55 fineliner to go over all the pencil lines and colour in a few motifs to reinforce certain lines. The fineliner comes in 16 shades, so mix up the colour scheme to suit your taste.

3. Use the ultra-fine nib of the edding 55 to add finer details and dainty motifs. With the edding 1340 brush pen, go back in with as many extra touches of colour as you want to complete. has everything you need and more to kit out your colouring and lettering stash!

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