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Fancy Dress Masks

Papercraft Projects

Get ready for fancy dress with our stunning paper mask projects by Corinne Bradd

Fancy Dress Masks

Craft essentials
Dies: 2cm circle, scalloped circles, flowers, leaf
Small hole punch

1. Using our template, trace the mask onto coloured card and cut out. Use a 2cm circle die to cut eye holes and punch small holes at each side as indicated on the pattern. Use scalloped circle dies to trim layered eye decorations from various colours of card. Cut a small circle from the centre of them, then stick over the eye holes, leaving the outer 5mm unglued.

2. Clip one side of each dart in the top edge and glue the point to the underside of the mask to shape it. Trim the beak from yellow card, score along the straight edges to create tabs and crease down the centre. Glue the scored tabs to the underside of the nose space so the beak protrudes.

3. Cut 4cm wide strips of coloured card and fold in half lengthways. Place each strip on the template and cut feathers from various colours in different sizes. Clip slanting lines from the point to the crease in the top of each feather. Unfold the shapes and curl the tops slightly with the blade of a pair of scissors.

4. Arrange the feathers around the mask symmetrically, starting from the outside and working in. Glue them in place at the bottom and overlap with each subsequent row. Cut small feathers to cover the top of the beak area. Thread ribbon through the side holes.

1. Create the mask and eye decoration as before, using black and green card for the scalloped circles. Cut the skull decoration from black card and glue it to the top of the mask.

2. Clip one side of each dart in the top edge, then glue the point to the underside of the mask to shape it. Cut large hearts from black and pink card, then stick them to the mask. Add smaller red hearts inside the black ones and at the bridge of the nose.

3. Use various flower and leaf dies to cut shapes from yellow, red, pink and green card. Once you’ve die cut enough motifs to cover the mask, arrange and fix them in a symmetrical pattern. Thread ribbon through the side holes.

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