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Easy Quilled Elves

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Create your very own elf on the shelf with Claire Willis’s quilled festive characters.

Easy Quilled Elves

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Craft essentials
Quilling paper, assorted
Quilling Tool
Fine liners: black, red

1. Roll two peach-coloured quilling strips together tightly, end to end, and seal with a little dab of glue. Dome slightly and coat the inside liberally with glue. Repeat the step, then join the two halves together to create a head.

2. Make the elf a tunic by rolling four green strips together, seal as before and dome to a height of 3cm. Create a flat disc from three and a half green strips, coat with glue and allow to dry before slotting into the end of the tunic. This will make a base to attach the legs onto.

3. The legs and arms are made in the same way, from one strip, rolled tightly, sealed and pushed to a point using the sharp end of a knitting needle. Apply glue to the inside of the tubes and shape gently into position. Finish the elf by adding a hat, shoes and trimming around his tunic. Add details to the face using black and red fine liners.

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