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Decoupaged Eggs

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Decoupage polystyrene eggs with pretty napkins and enjoy the process

In an age where upcycling has become more cherished (and more important) than ever, we’re absolute suckers for anything that can turn daily household items into something spectacular. Jane Kharade’s inspired use of an old egg box, and reimagining of the eggs that sit within it, are the perfect example of such a feat. A project that requires minimal materials and time, that is genuinely fun to get stuck into and leaves you with a table feature that you won’t ever tire looking at? We chalk that up as a lockdown star.

Decoupaged Eggs

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You will need

Polystyrene eggs
Cardboard egg box
Napkins, patterned
Paint, white matt
Paint brush
PVA glue

Decoupaged eggs

1. Apply multiple coats of matt white paint to an egg box, leaving to dry between each layer. Trim a section of napkin paper to fit on the underside of the lid. Lightly cover the area in glue, then use a paint brush to press the tissue onto it, applying more glue over the top as a seal. Cut out a strip of napkin paper and secure in sections to create a border.

2. Peel away the white layer from each napkin, then cut them roughly into 2cm squares. Apply PVA glue onto polystyrene eggs using a paint brush, then adhere the napkin pieces. Make sure each section doesn’t overlap too much so the pattern remains visible.

3. Carefully cover the entire egg, then rest it sideways on an egg cup to dry. Use the same method with different patterned napkins on five more eggs. Place them inside the egg box to complete.

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