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Colouring cards

Adult Colouring

Turn your stamped images into a colourful work of art

Colouring cards

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Craft essentials, Spectrum Noir Perfectly Primary AquaTint Inks, Hot off the Press Rosemary and Thyme 6” x 6” Paper Pack, WOW! Embossing Powder, Stamp: postcard, Heat tool, Acrylic paint: white, Paintbrush: fine detail, Gems, Spiral notebook: 11cm x 15cm

METHOD: Fresh flowers

Stamp and heat emboss a landscape floral postcard on white card. Using Spectrum Noir AquaTint Inks, colour the entire piece with diluted yellow. Leave to dry.

Paint as shown, colouring the flowers first with diluted red. When dry, accent them by adding undiluted red and orange. Highlight the script and postmark with yellow. Use blue to colour 'Postcard' at the top, then blot gently around the stamp's edge.

When dry, cut out the postcard and mount it on white card. Layer again on green patterned paper, then on white and black.

Form an 11cm x 15cm green card blank. Glue the stamped image to the left side. Tie a bow in yellow ribbon and glue as shown. Decorate with self-adhesive gems.

METHOD: How to colour a stamped image

Stamp and heat emboss your image on white card
Colouring cards

Colour the image with diluted yellow ink and leave to dry
Colouring cards

Paint the motifs with diluted ink and blot colour around the edge
Colouring cards

When dry, add the same colour of undiluted ink to the motifs to highlight
Colouring cards

METHOD: Carte postale

Stamp and emboss a bird postcard on white card. Colour the entire piece with diluted yellow ink. Allow to dry. Paint as shown, colouring the bird first with diluted blue, then accenting it with undiluted ink.
Colouring cards

Cover the large feather with very watery aqua, then darker blue, green and yellow shades, letting each colour dry in between coats.

Colour the outer border green and the inner edge aqua. Highlight the text with diluted yellow. When dry, cut out the postcard and mount it on off-white card. Add gems in each corner.

Form a 10.5cm x 15cm blue card blank. Cut a 9cm x 14cm piece of dotted paper and mount on off-white. Wrap with yellow ribbon, then glue to the card front. Add the stamped focal on top with foam pads. Tie a ribbon knot and glue as shown.

METHOD: Vintage notebook

Remove the spiral binding of a notebook by gently pulling the coil apart. Make sure to leave the pages on the binding. Paint the front and back covers white. Leave to dry, then replace on the book.
Colouring cards

Stamp and emboss a portrait postcard on white card. Colour the entire piece with diluted yellow paint, then allow to dry. Shade in as shown, colouring the roses first with diluted red, then accenting them with undiluted ink.

Paint the large butterfly green and, once dry, add yellow. Use yellow to highlight the text and green to outline the swirls. Colour the border aqua.

When dry, cut out the postcard and mount on off-white card. Place this panel on a 9cm x 14cm piece of green patterned paper, and layer that on off-white card. Glue the completed piece to the front of the notebook. Add gems at the bottom right. Tie a selection of ribbons onto the spiral binding.

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