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Bonus project: upcycle your cans

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This issue, we partnered up with the kind folks at Cico Books to bring you a fab bonus project to upcycle your cans from exciting new release Creative Ideas To Organise Your Home by Linda Peterson.

Bonus project: upcycle your cans

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Aluminum tin cans , Acrylic paint , Embellishments; lace motifs, metal findings , Printed paper; book pages , Scissors, Pieces of muslin, Paintbrush, General-purpose glue

They’re very kindly sharing two thrifty projects with us to try ourselves. You can find the other one here. Best of all, they’re offering a penny-pinching discount for us too! Just scroll to the bottom for details.

Recycled cans

Why spend big money on an ordinary organizer? Make good use of all those empty cans by turning them into storage pots! When finished, position them on a lazy Susan so you can access your bits ‘n bobs with ease.

Special Offer

Buy Creative Ideas to Organise Your Home for the special price of £10.99 with free post and packaging, by calling 01256 302699. Just quote the code GLR9NV!

Remove any labels from the cans. If the original label has left glue on the can, remove it with a little mineral spirit or lighter fluid. Paint the can in your desired color using acrylic paint.
Bonus project: upcycle your cans

Cut a wide strip of printed paper to wrap around the can and glue in place. Tear a strip of fabric long enough to go around the can a couple of times, with extra to tie. Wrap the fabric around and knot the ends. Glue the strip in position to secure.
Bonus project: upcycle your cans

Add embellishments on top of the fabric strip to hide the knots, like lace motifs or a small crochet doily. Glue on a small decorative metal jewellery finding.
Bonus project: upcycle your cans

Try alternative embellishments, such as threading small items onto twine knotted around the can. Use broken jewellery, attractive buttons, small pieces of lace, paper doilies and old keys—the options are endless!
Bonus project: upcycle your cans

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