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Birdcage Decorations

Home decor Home decorations

Make pretty paper birdcages with just a few materials from your stash

Birdcage Decorations

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Blanks, various colours
Paper, patterned
Adhesives: double-sided tape, glue

1. Flatten pink, yellow and green blanks and cut four 1cm wide strips from the entire width of each one. Use double-sided tape and a gridded cutting mat to fix each set of strips into an eight-pointed star, with the fold lines sitting in the middle. Create a small loop of spare card and fix to the centre of each star.

2. Cut a 5cm wide strip of card from each blank and wrap around a cylinder such as a hairspray can. Secure with double-sided tape, adding an extra piece of card over the fold if necessary to ensure the card makes a rounded tube. Keep the tube on the cylinder to prevent distortion while working on it.

3. Fix the top and bottom points of the star to opposite sides of the top edge of the card tube with tape. Fix the remaining points down at equal intervals to form the bars of the cage, with the hanging loop at the top. Glue a strip of patterned paper to the base of each birdcage. Leave to dry before sliding the cage off the cylinder. Hang with thread.

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