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Be captivated by 56 (yes, fifty-six!) flora and fauna printables for your digital collection...

FREE Secret Garden Digi Stamps

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Monochrome maybe
Lots of us love colouring in stamped motifs or digi artwork, but sometimes we’re pushed for time. What’s brilliant about these digi stamps from Dovecraft is that you don’t have to spend time shading them in if you don’t want – they look just as impactful as they are! See Kitty’s ‘You are wonderful’ greeting for a prime example. If you can’t resist getting your pens out, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so… the black sections simply hurry it along a bit.

Kitty’s pens of choice are Copic markers; she loves them! There are so many different colours available, making it easy to blend the shades for a professional finish. And it’s not just the hues that differ – you can choose from various nib widths and there are special varieties such as glitter too. Plus, be sure to check out their refill options and do your bit for the environment. Browse the range at

Texture required
Treat your digi stamps just as you would real stamped motifs. Layer them up, add gems, die cut frames for them, emboss backgrounds to add texture… Kitty really enjoys collating a variety of techniques to make an eye-catching set of greetings. The scalloped borders featured opposite add a softness, whilst the gems and pearls provide a spot of luxe us crafters simply can’t get enough of. Why not raid your craft stash and see what accompaniments you can find?

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