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Papers, sentiments and jam jar labels ready to craft with? Sweet!

FREE Jam Packed Papers

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This all-new and exclusive collection by Millicent Venton has us licking our lips! Celebrating the art of jam making, your 33-piece pack features all manner of fruity fun, from delectable tarts to homemade conserves. We love the jam-making scene especially, plus the sheet of jam jar labels, ready and waiting for personalisation. That’s the beauty of this collection – you can make some jam and gift it to your loved ones in the most wonderful way.

So, you’ve concocted your jam… what next? Sarah Jackman Read’s expert tutorials of course! You’ve got your choice of three lovely cards, with each one exploring different techniques – you’re welcome. Then there’s an example of how to use our jam jar labels, as well as a bonus recipe book for those hand-me-down jam-making methods.

Mother’s Day Card
1. Trim the front of a 12cm x 16cm white blank down to 5.5cm high. Layer jam tart paper, 11cm x 15cm, onto dark orange card, then adhere inside. Matt the short front panel with dark orange card.

2. Glue the mum and daughter to white card, cut out and fix to the top of the card front. Trim gingham paper to 2.5cm x 11cm and adhere below. Wrap gingham ribbon around the card, so it covers the join. Attach a sentiment on the left with 3D foam pads. Add a bow.

3. Layer an oval sentiment onto dark orange card, then attach in the top-right corner with 3D foam pads. Cut out two small jam jars, before adhering to the ‘table’ with 3D foam pads.

Jam Jar Labels
Wrap strawberry paper around the centre of a jar of homemade jam. Adhere gingham paper on top. Wrap gingham ribbon around the centre, then attach a label to the front with 3D foam pads. Add a bow on the left. Write on one of our custom labels and fix to the lid.

Aperture Card
1. Matt peaches and plums paper, 11cm x 16cm, onto purple card, then adhere to a 12cm x 17cm top-folding white blank. Die cut an 8cm x 12cm rectangle through the front, towards the top.

2. Trim our jam-making scene to fit inside the card, then adhere in place. Attach a pennant sentiment towards the top-right corner with 3D foam pads. 

3. Fix gingham paper, 2cm x 12cm, across the bottom. Wrap gingham ribbon around, then add a bow and sentiment on the left-hand side. Cut out three jam jars. Adhere across the bottom of the aperture.

Jam Recipe Book
1. Trim two pieces of chipboard to 12cm square, then cover the fronts with white card. Matt berry paper, 11cm square, onto lilac card. Adhere to one chipboard square. 

2. Punch two holes on the left-hand side of each piece. Trim sheets of lined paper to 11.5cm square, then punch holes in the same places. Sandwich the paper between the chipboard panels, then thread baker’s twine through the holes and knot to secure.

3. Adhere gingham paper, 4cm x 12cm, down the centre of the front panel. Wrap gingham ribbon around the centre and fix the recipe sentiment to the top with 3D foam pads. Add a bow below, followed by a jam jar with 3D foam pads.

Easel Card
1. Create a 10cm x 14cm top-folding white blank. Score and fold the front in half to create an easel card. Matt jam jar paper, 9cm x 13cm, onto red card and adhere to the base panel.

2. Cut white card to 10cm x 14cm. Layer strawberry paper, 9cm x 13cm, onto red card and fix on top. Trim gingham paper to 5cm x 8.5cm, adhere to the bottom, then wrap gingham ribbon around to cover the join.

3. Attach our jar sentiment and two jam jars above the ribbon with 3D foam pads. Add a bow below the sentiment. Fix the panel to the card front under the fold.

4. Trim gingham paper to 2.5cm x 10cm and secure across the base. Attach a label on top with 3D foam pads to act as a stopper for the front of the card.

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