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FREE Easter Party Papers

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Let’s hear it for these Easter papers by Jane Farnham: hip hip, hooray!

FREE Easter Party Papers

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We’re celebrating Easter with a party! Gather your loved ones together and enjoy the long weekend with an egg hunt, delicious food (how much chocolate is too much chocolate?) and plenty of laughter. Our bespoke and utterly brilliant papers, toppers and sentiments will help get the party started – in fact, they might just inspire your décor…

While someone works on the guest list, you can start making Easter cards for your visitors – it’s what we do best, isn’t it? Sarah Jackman Read is here to inspire you with three tutorials. She’s also designed a gift card (perfect for popping on an Easter egg) and treat box, ideal for egg hunt frolics. 

Easter Aperture Card
1. Make a 14.5cm square top-folding white blank and cover the front with bunting paper. Die cut a large egg through the front, then adhere contrasting paper inside.

2. Apply a sentiment inside so it can be seen through the aperture. Fix floral paper, 3cm x 14.5cm, across the bottom of the card front. Add a 2cm border of yellow spotty paper on top, then wrap ribbon around it.

3. Cut out a tree and stick behind the aperture on the right-hand side with 3D foam pads. Attach various characters either side of the aperture. Snip a cupcake and secure to the centre of the border with 3D foam pads. Complete with a mini bow.

Shaped Easter Card
1. Create an 11cm x 15cm top-folding white blank, then die cut the bottom of a large egg through the lower half. Trim the base flat at the back so it stands up.

2. Die cut the same egg from white card and yellow spotty paper. Layer together and fix to the card front. Die cut a smaller egg from wreath paper, so the chick is in the centre, then adhere on top.

3. Cut out a sentiment and secure at the top with 3D foam pads. Trim flowers and small eggs, then attach across the bottom with 3D foam pads. Finish with a mini bow.

Easter Aperture Gift Box
1. Use this template to draw, cut out, score and fold a treat box from white card. Adhere floral paper, 9cm x 12cm, to the front, before die cutting an egg shape through it. Stick acetate behind the aperture.

2. Trim two pieces of egg paper, 4cm x 12cm, and adhere to the sides. Snip the same paper to 9cm x 12cm and stick inside. Fix yellow spotty paper, 4cm x 9cm, to the top, then fold the box together and secure the sides and base with double-sided tape.

3. Tuck the flap into the top of the box. Cut out a bunny and adhere to the bottom of the aperture. Trim bunting and attach across the top with 3D foam pads. Finish with a mini bow at each end.

So Eggcited Easter Card
1. Cover a 9cm x 16cm top-folding white blank with floral paper. Matt with contrasting paper. Trim yellow spotty paper to 2.5cm x 16cm and adhere across the front, slightly below the centre. Wrap ribbon around it.

2. Attach our ‘So eggcited!’ sentiment on the right with 3D foam pads. Die cut three eggs from white card and different papers, layer up, then secure with 3D foam pads. Snip a bunny, flower and carrot. Add to the larger egg, before applying a mini bow to the top of the other eggs.

Easter Gift Tag
1. Die cut a medium-sized egg from white card and bunting paper. Layer together, then punch a hole through the top. Trim ‘Easter’ from a sentiment and adhere across the centre, trimming to fit. 

2. From different papers, die cut three small eggs. Fix to small strips of acetate, then stick to the back of the bottom of the egg so they hang down. Attach a chick below the sentiment with 3D foam pads. Adhere a mini bow below that, then thread ribbon through the top.

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