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FREE Cat Cafe Papers

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We know what you’re thinking. “These are the cutest papers PaperCrafter has ever offered.” And you’d be right! Designed by Millicent Venton, your collection features eight papers, three borders and eight sentiments, ready to be made into cards full of whimsy and charm. Did you know? The term ‘cat cafe’ has been officially recognised in the online edition of the Oxford English Dictionary for over six years now. We should think so too!

Use your all-new and exclusive Cat Cafe prints to craft for days. Here, Sarah Jackman Read has made three lovely cards and a gift tag. Plus, she’s covered a notebook so you can enjoy customised stationery just in time for the new year. Enjoy!

Cat Cafe Circle Card
1. Cut white card to 14cm x 28cm. Score and fold in half. Lay a 13.5cm circle die on top so a small part of it sits above the fold, then die cut. Trim the back of the card flat across the bottom so it stands up.

2. Matt the greeting with layers of circles, die cut from coffee paper, yellow and pink card. Die cut an 11.5cm circle from checked paper, snip in half, then adhere in the bottom half.

3. Trim two cups and a glass, then fix in place with 3D foam pads. Adhere a biscuit top-left, then attach a sentiment towards the bottom with 3D foam pads. Secure a ribbon bow on the right of the sentiment.

Cat Cafe Notebook
1. Take the cover off a notebook. Trim white card so it fits around the it, scoring in two places so it sits neatly around the spine. Valley fold the score lines, then round off the corners with a punch. Wrap around the notebook and glue in place, focusing on the spine first.

2. Trim two pieces of treat paper, 8cm x 13.5cm, then round off the right-hand corners on one piece and the left-hand corners on the other. Matt both onto pink card, round off the corresponding corners, before adhering to the front and back of the notebook.

3. Snip pink card to 3.5cm x 5.5cm. Trim the decorative pink edge from our ‘Meow you doin’?’ sentiment and stick to one end. Cover the strip with checked paper and score down at 3.5cm and 4cm. Fix the plain end to the back, fold over, then secure with a Velcro dot on the front. Add a paw on top.

4. Die cut a 3.5cm circle from checked paper, matt onto pink, and fix to the front with 3D foam pads. Adhere a cat doughnut on top with 3D foam pads. Add a ribbon bow on the left-hand side of the circle.

Cat Cafe Stepper Card
1. Create a 14.5cm square top-folding white blank. Trim white card to 13cm x 14.5cm, then score down from the long edge at 6cm and 12cm. Fix the flap to the front of the blank, then mountain fold the other score line.

2. Matt doughnut paper, 13.5cm square, onto yellow card and adhere to the back panel. Cut out a cafe counter and sign, then attach on top. Secure a sentiment above the counter with 3D foam pads. 

3. Trim two contrasting papers to 5cm x 13.5cm, layer onto yellow, and fix to the other two panels. Adhere a 1cm strip of checked paper across the front. Attach a sentiment on top with 3D foam pads.

4. Die cut an 8cm circle from white card and checked paper, then glue together. Die cut an 8cm circle from yellow, followed by a 6cm circle through it to create a frame. Fix on top of the circle with 3D foam pads, then stick above the sentiment.

5. Cut out a lady in a chair and attach on top of the circular frame with 3D foam pads. Add a cat either side. Adhere a ribbon bow on the left-hand side of the circle.

Cat Cafe Gift Tag
1. Trim white card to 7cm x 14cm. Using a suitable circle die as a template, round off the top. Matt with patterned paper and blue card. Cut out a cat in a window and adhere towards the top. Adhere a sentiment at the bottom, trimming to fit.

2. Die cut a cat doughnut into a 2cm circle, then layer onto a 2.5cm blue circle. Fix to the top, then punch a hole through the centre of the doughnut. Thread ribbon through the hole. Die cut a paw into a circle, then attach above the sentiment with 3D foam pads.

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