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Christmas Dinner Papers

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Christmas Dinner Papers

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This collection by Millicent Venton celebrates a very important part of Christmas Day – the food, of course! As well as being delicious (mmm, pigs in blankets) it’s also the time everyone gathers around the table, which is always special. The prints feature all your favourite foods plus crackers, bottles of fizz, and loved ones enjoying the day. There are papers, toppers, sentiments… everything you need to get started.

Sarah Jackman Read has outdone herself with these makes, offering up knockout greetings, place cards and a cracker with an accompanying template. Each design is ideal for beginners and beyond; Sarah even provides a handy tip to ensure your cracker curves perfectly. Don’t forget the red and gold baker’s twine and gold star sequins on each make – snazzy!

Christmas Shaker Card
1. Cover the front of a 14cm square top-folding white blank with cracker paper. Round off the bottom corners with a punch. Die cut a 10cm circle through the front, towards the top. Adhere acetate behind the aperture, then run foam tape around the edge.

2. Sprinkle gold star sequins onto the acetate. Trim champagne paper to 12cm square, remove the backing from the foam tape, then attach the paper face-down on top to create a shaker card.

3. Adhere striped paper, 3cm x 14cm, across the bottom. Cut out two ladies and fix on top of the acetate with 3D foam pads. Stick a sentiment below. Attach a champagne glass either side with 3D foam pads. Finish with a baker’s twine bow, adding a gold star sequin in the middle.

Christmas Placecards
1. Create a 5.5cm x 8.5cm top-folding white blank. Cover with food paper, then round off the bottom corners with a punch. Trim striped paper to 4cm x 7cm, round off the bottom corners, then matt on top.

2. Add a candy cane topper bottom-left, then fix a Christmas pud or yule log on top with 3D foam pads. Die cut letters to spell out the name of your guest, then secure across the top. Add a baker’s twine bow with a gold star sequin in the centre.

Christmas Brussels Sprout Card
1. Trim white card to 16cm x 18cm, then score down from the long edge at 6cm and valley fold. Cover the front and inside panels with gingerbread paper. Round off the right-hand corners with a punch. Cut sprout paper to 10cm x 14cm and 4cm x 14cm, then round off the right-hand corners and matt onto the greeting.

2. Cut out our rectangular sprout topper and fix to the front with 3D foam pads so it extends centrally. Attach a sentiment at an angle on top. Trim a gingerbread man and adhere behind the topper. Add sprout, cracker and holly toppers around the sentiment. Apply a baker’s twine bow with a gold star sequin in the centre.

1 Use our cracker template to draw and cut out a cracker from white card. Trim two pieces of cracker paper, 6cm x 14cm, and secure to the ends. Adhere food paper, 7.5cm x 14cm, to the centre.

2 Roll the cracker around a rolling pin to achieve the shape, then place the flaps in the slots. Tie each end with baker’s twine. Die cut a sentiment into a 5.5cm circle, then fix to the front with 3D foam pads. Adhere gold star sequins around it.

Christmas Dinner Circle Card
Make a 13.5cm circle blank from white card. Cover with food paper. Die cut an 11.5cm circle from striped paper, then fix on top. Cut out a family and adhere with 3D foam pads. Secure a sentiment above with foam pads. Attach another sentiment to the bottom, then add a baker’s twine bow with a gold star sequin in the centre.

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