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Twinkle Card

Card making Christmas cards Card Making

Doodle a unique greeting for your loved ones this season

Combine your love of Christmas card making and colouring with this fabulous project by Colette Smith. Simply download and print the templates, doodle anything from stripes to baubles inside the lines, then enjoy adding colour with marker pens.

Twinkle Card

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You will need

Craft essentials (see p94)
Template from papercrafter
Markers: coloured, fineliner
Sentiment stamp
Ink pad, black

Step One

Download the segmented star template from our website and print it onto cardstock. With a black fineliner, add doodle lines, circles, and swirls in each of the segments until they are all filled in.

Step Two

Print out the border and fill in with doodles using a fineliner. Colour in the star and border in red and green. Cover the bottom of a 10cm x 15cm portrait blank with a section of red card.

Step Three

Stamp a sentiment centrally across the top and attach the star and border. Tie baker’s twine around the top of the greeting and complete with a sprinkle of gems.

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