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Silhouette Daisies

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Cheer up your home with these everlasting paper flowers

Silhouette Daisies

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Whenever these pretty white and yellow blooms start popping up on our lawns, we can’t help but smile – it’s a sign that spring is finally here! If you can’t wait that long, Ingrid Vichova’s realistic paper versions will give you a shot of serotonin to tide you through the winter and, best of all, they’ll last all year. Ingrid has used a Silhouette machine and one of its digital cutting files so all the hard work is done for you – simply put your paper and card through, assemble your daisies, then arrange them in a vase and enjoy.

You will need:

Silhouette machine with cutting mats
Silhouette Store cutting file: Daisy #324816
PC or iMac with Silhouette software
White cardstock, 200gsm
Coloured paper, 140gsm: yellow, green
Bone folder
Fast-drying clear glue

Paper daisies

1. Open the Silhouette Studio and upload the cut file. Remove the text and arrange the flower centres on the top half of the virtual cutting mat. Duplicate the elements to have enough for the number of flowers required. Repeat this process with the leaves on the second half of the virtual cutting mat.

2. Cut yellow paper to 6” x 12” and attach it to the top half of the cutting mat. Repeat with the green paper and attach it to the bottom half of the cutting mat. Load the mat into the Silhouette cutting machine, set the settings to Heavy Cardstock and press SEND to cut the elements out.

3. Once done, remove the elements from the cutting mat and discard the leftover paper. Mount white cardstock onto the mat, replace the existing elements on the virtual mat with the petals and cut. Remove the petals from the mat and use a bone folder to shape them.

4. To assemble the flower heads, add a drop of glue to the centre of the white petal die-cut and place another on top. Press it in place, then continue until you have a complete flower shape. Repeat with the yellow centre part, adhering inside the white petal part of the flower head.

5. Insert wire through the small hole in the centre of the flower head and bend the end to keep it in place. Add a small dab of glue where the paper and the wire meet to secure it. Once dry, wrap a 1cm wide strip of green paper around the wire, applying glue as you wrap. Add the leaves as you go and secure the ends.

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