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Remembrance Poppy Wreath


Commemorate those involved in the D-Day landings with our commemorative poppy display

Remembrance Poppy Wreath

You Will Need:
Templates or PNG files
Cardstock: red, green, black
Gold metal macramé ring, 6”
Flat-backed gems, black
Tools: hot glue gun, quilling tool, moulding ball tool
Silhouette Cameo 4 digital cutting machine (optional)

Paper Poppy Wreath
1. If trimming by hand, print and cut out the elements using scissors. If cutting digitally, upload the PNG files into your design studio, trace the images and set the machine to cut. You will need three sets of five large red petals, three sets of three black centres, six of the small red petals, six of the green bud leaves, three strips for the stems, and two sets of three large green leaves. 

2. Shape the petals and leaves on a foam surface to give them shape and curl the small red petals. If cutting the black centres by hand, create a fringed effect with scissors. To make the stem, curl from the wider corner of the thin strip diagonally on itself. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the curled buds to the stem and add the two green bud leaves on each side. 

3. Assemble the poppy flowers with the layered black centres and embellish the centres with a small black gem. Wrap a couple of strips of the leftover green cardstock around one half of the gold ring and secure the ends with hot glue. Adhere the flowers and leaves over the wrapped paper.

“Don’t have a quilling tool? Use a round pencil for curling the petals instead”
Ingrid Vichova, designer

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