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Quilled Butterfly Card

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Who doesn’t love a butterfly? These extremely pretty creatures deserve an equally pretty craft, which is why we’ve come up with this quilled butterfly card. It’s the perfect way to practise your quilling too!

Quilled Butterfly Card

You will need
Cardstock, various colours
Quilling papers: 3mm wide, 2mm wide
Quilling tool

1. Cut a 15cm length of purple quilling paper and join to 15cm of mauve, end to end, to create one 30cm strip. Ensure the join of the two papers is neat and smooth.

2. Insert the purple end of the paper into a quilling tool, then coil the whole length to the end of mauve. Make a loose closed coil and glue the end in place. Pinch to create a teardrop shape, then make two more. Make three coils from blue paper.

3. Stick seven 15cm lengths of light blue and turquoise end to end, then make coils. Glue the purple teardrops and the coils around, adding purple and mauve. Secure the blue shapes. For the lower wing, create six coils. Form a tight coil with 15cm purple and mauve. Stick together and fill around with five coils.

4. Take one section of the wing and stick paper to the edges of all the coiled shapes, then wrap the whole shape with the paper and glue. Repeat for the lower wing. For the body, use a 40cm length of purple made into a loose closed coil and pinched.

5. Take a purple blank and matt different shades of purple on top, then one layer of light blue. Adhere the quilled butterfly to the card and add a stamped and cut sentiment.

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