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Paper Pinwheels

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Paper pinwheels are a wonderful home décor make for any time of the year. They’re also surprisingly easy to make, with just a few basic materials needed. One of those materials in our paper pinwheels is none other than recycled book pages. That’s right, we didn’t use any old paper, but instead found the perfect way to reduce waste and put our unwanted books to good (and crafty) use. The book pages give these windmill-like decorations a distinctive design that’s sure to stand out amongst your other home decoration projects. So what are you waiting for? These paper pinwheels won’t craft themselves.

Paper Pinwheels

Old book pages
Coloured paper
Paper straws
Glass headed pins
Small beads
Washi tape

1. Paste a square of coloured paper to a book page trimmed to the same size. Cut diagonal lines from 1.5cm from the centre out to each corner. Curl the left-hand point of each section over the blade of a pair of scissors.

2. Thread a small bead onto a glass headed pin and pierce through all the curled points before passing the pin through the centre of the square. Thread another bead onto the pin at the back of the pinwheel.

3. Pass the pin through the top of a paper straw and use pliers to bend over the remaining pin at 90 degrees. Securely tape the end of the pin to the straw with several wraps of washi tape to hold it in place and cover the point.

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