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Paper Daisy

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Yep, those petals really are just made from white printer paper!

Paper Daisy

You Will Need:
Templates or SVG files
White bond paper, 100gsm
Green paper, 100gsm
Stiff card
Yarn, yellow
Digital cutting machine (optional)
Pom-pom maker, small
Craft knife
Ball-ended tool
Needle tool

Faux Flowers
1. For each flower, cut at least 27 petals from white paper, then one petal and one 5cm wide disc from stiff card. Draw around the card petal onto a rectangle of lino or similar print block making sheet. Sketch veining lines from the edge of the petal to 2cm from the base. Use a craft knife at an angle to carve either side of each line to create a channel around 1-2mm wide.

2. Lay a paper petal over the veining block and use a medium-sized ball-ended tool to run from the bottom of each channel to the edge of the petal to blind emboss the lines. Repeat for all petals. Cut a number of leaves from green paper and create a veining board for them in the same way if desired.

3. Use the blade of a pair of scissors to curl the top of each petal under slightly and the base of each petal up. Begin fixing the petals to the stiff card disc, starting with a ring of nine equally-spaced pieces. Layer the remaining petals onto the disc, allowing the bottom ends of each to sit nearer the disc centre.

4. Make a pom-pom using yellow yarn and a small pom-pom maker. Fasten off and keep the yarn ends intact while trimming the pom-pom. Use a needle tool to pierce two holes in the middle of the disc, 2cm apart. Thread the
ends of the pom-pom through the holes and tie securely on the back. When arranging your daisies, tuck the leaves between the flowers and adhere.

“Our template can be enlarged or reduced as desired”
Corinne Bradd, designer

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