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Origami Party Diamonds

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Has our Paper Planet feature in issue 108 inspired you? Put your scraps to use and craft a stunning piece of origami homeware.

Taken from Paper Home by Esther Thorpe (£16.99, Pavilion Books). Photography by Kristy Noble

Origami Party Diamonds

Craft essentials
Paper, 15cm squares


1 Cut a 15cm square from patterned paper and place decorate side up. Fold it in half diagonally, unfold, then rotate the paper 90° and fold again in the opposite diagonal direction.


2 Unfold and turn the paper over so the white side faces up, then fold in half horizontally and unfold. Rotate the paper 90° and fold in half horizontally. Unfold and turn the paper over so the patterned side faces up.


3 Using the creases, fold the paper into a flat diamond shape, ensuring the two opposing diagonal folds are inverted.


4 With the open edges at the bottom, fold the top right-hand edge to align with the centre fold. Repeat this step on the left-hand side.


5 Turn the model over and repeat the last step. Remove the triangle at the tip of your model by cutting straight across it using scissors.


6 Unfold the front right-hand fold. Slide your thumb in between the fold to invert it, so that the outside fold is in the centre. Repeat this step 13 more times around the model, this should concertina the paper in a circle.


7 Rotate the model 180°, so the cut edge is at the top. Fold the top right-hand corner down to align with the centre fold. Repeat this step on the top left-hand corner.


8 Repeat the above step around the model, six more times. Unfold the folds created in steps 7-8. Use the creases to invert these folds, there should be eight in total.


9 Take the second paper square and repeat steps 7-8 to make the second half of your model. Choose which half you’d like the diamond to be hung from and cut a small slit at the tip of it.

10 Fold the ribbon in half and thread the cut ends through the slit; tie a knot to secure it in place to create a hanging loop. Gently pull on it to position the knot at the tip of the model half.

Diamonds 20a
11 Stick the ribbon in place to complete the loop. Spread a thin line of glue onto the inverted triangles at the top edges of this half of your model. Fix the two halves together: hold one half in each hand and gently rotate to ensure the edges meet neatly.

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