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Make A… Paper Candle Greeting

Birthday crafting Card making

Got a reason to celebrate this summer? Whatever the occasion, this simple but effective design by Debi Potter would be perfect for not only a loved one’s birthday, but for any milestone worth celebrating!

Make A… Paper Candle Greeting


Craft Essentials, Embroidery cotton, Knitting needle

Use a printer or write the phrase ‘Make a wish’ onto a 12cm square piece of beige card, positioning the text centrally, 2.5cm from the bottom. Add this to the front of a white 12cm square top-fold blank.

Cut five 3cm wide rectangles of patterned paper to several lengths, ranging from 4.5cm to 6cm. Take one piece and stick a 2cm long piece of cotton to the back corner, applying double-sided tape along the longer back edge.

Use a knitting needle or thin tool to roll the rectangle into a tight tube and secure shut. Repeat this process for the remaining rectangles of paper. Affix the candles to the card, ensuring the joins are at the back.

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