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Make a summer flower wreath

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We show you how to make two fab floral centre pieces from paper to brighten up your home for the summer. These easy projects are super simple to whip up and look amazing hung on doors and windows, so why not grab your paper stash and make today.

Make a summer flower wreath


Patterned paper, Online template, click HERE to download, Thick cardstock or several layers of cereal packet glued together, Quilling tool or wooden skewer with a slit cut in the end, Hot glue gun, Narrow satin ribbon, Carbon paper

Select several patterned papers. Use a sheet of carbon paper to transfer the coil template onto the wrong side of the paper and cut out the continuous spiral with scissors.

Slip the outer end of the spiral into the slot of the quilling tool or skewer and begin winding into a tight coil with the right side of paper facing in. Stop winding when you reach the centre disc of the spiral.

Release the coil from the tool and allow to spring open, easing the spiral into a neat rose shape if necessary. Apply a dab of hot glue to the uncurled disc and push the edges of the coil onto this, holding in place until the glue has set firm.

Make several roses in this way, enlarging or reducing the template if desired. It may also help to coil up lots of blooms and then hot glue them all.

Draw a large heart frame shape onto thick card and cut out. Cover with a pastel coloured paper, clipping curves and folding under at the edges. Pierce two holes at the top of the heart and thread with narrow satin ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a neat knot and trim the ends.

Lay the heart flat and apply a little hot glue to the back of a rose. Fix this to the centre point of the heart shape and hold in place until the glue cools and sets. Continue gluing roses over the frame, placing them close to one another for the best effect.

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