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Make a paper flower embellishment

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Today, Create and Craft presenter Neelam Meetcha shows us how to make a paper flower embellishment from paper. Use the completed flower to spruce up gifts and packages or use it as the focal point on a greeting.

Make a paper flower embellishment

Cut out three 10cm squares of patterned paper

With the white side facing up, bend over one corner. Press only in the middle rather than creasing along the whole length

Keep flipping the paper and making the folds, pressing only in the centre of each one until you reach the opposite side

Apply a strip of double-sided tape across one finished side and fold the concertina in half

Repeat with two remaining squares and use double-sided tape to join them all together into a rosette Learn how to give your presents the wow factor with Neelam's DVDs and online gift-wrapping courses. Find out more at

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