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Make A Fairytale Castle

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Been inspired by our magical fairytale feature in issue 106? Discover how to create your very own faraway kingdom from old books lying around on your shelf. Download the templates for it by clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW button below.

Taken from Folded Book Art by Clare Youngs (£14.99, CICO Books ). Photography by Jo Henderson.

Make A Fairytale Castle

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Craft essentials
Templates from
Old book
Tracing paper
Masking tape

1 Choose various pages from a book and cut five rectangles of varying heights and 16cm wide. Spread glue along one long edge of each shape and overlap with the opposite to make a cylinder. Repeat five more times.

2 Trace out the roof and transfer it on to a page from the book. Cut out the shape, spread glue along one straight edge, then fold the opposite edge round to make a cone. Repeat to make a second. Place a cone on top of two cylinders.

3 To make a castle turret, create a short cylinder from a 17cm wide rectangle. Assemble as in step 1, then make 1cm snips at 1cm intervals all the way around the top. Fold back each alternate square.

4 Cut paper, 0.5cm x 12cm, spread glue along the strip and roll it up tightly. Repeat with a second piece. 

5 Stick the rolled-up paper strips to the top outside edge of the third cylinder from step 1. Position them opposite one another. Dab a little glue on each and place the turret top in place.

6 Trace the square section of the castle and transfer it on to a page from the book. Cut the shape, score along the lines marked on the template, and fold along them. Spread glue on the flap and secure to form a square-sided shape.

7 To display your castle, open the book out flat and arrange the shapes.

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