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Kusudama Decorations

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Why Kusudama?
In Japanese, kusudama means ‘medicine ball’ and is the name given to a spherica model made by sticking together identical paper flower shapes. Originally they were used to suspend incense in but now they make fab decorations for wedding venues, parties or your home!

Kusudama Decorations

How to fold Kusudama decs

Cut five 4cm squares of double-sided paper. Fold one square in half diagonally, with your preferred colour on the outside

Crease the bottom corners of the triangle up to meet the top point

Fold these corners outwards halfway, then use your finger to open out the fold and squash into kite shapes

Lift up the side of each kite back onto the original crease

Roll the paper in half and glue the folded edges together to make a petal. Make four more petals in this way and stick in place to make a flower

Make 12 flowers in total and cluster them together to make a ball

Top tip: Add a loop of embroidery thread between three flowers to hang your decoration

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