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Free project: Make a heart garland

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Our free heart garland project helps you to make a pretty party piece with some strips of paper and twine.

Free project: Make a heart garland


Patterned paper - click here to download., Stapler with staples, Twine

This heart shaped garland decoration may look impressive but it’s super simple to whip up. Just take a look at our easy steps, download some of our free papers and create a fun, eye-catching chain. Once mastered this project can be adapted to make smaller and larger hearts - why not make a mini one as a sweet cake topper or an oversized one for a big celebration?

METHOD: Heart Garland

Trim the long side of your A4 downloadable papers in 2.5cm strips. Adhere two strips together so the paper is now doubled sided.

Cut the strip in half. Bend in half to create half a heart. Repeat and adhere together. Staple together at the bottom and punch a hole near the top.

Repeat this for each heart. Thread twine through the holes and add a loop to each end.

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