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FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

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Inspired by our Flower Girls feature in PaperCrafter issue 120? Craft your very own bouquet of everlasting cosmo flowers with this free project from Flowersmith by Jennifer Tran (£20, Hardie Grant). This stunning new book is the ultimate guide to handcrafting and arranging delicate, intricate paper flowers. Whether you’re new to the craft or you’re a paper flower pro we’re sure you’ll enjoy this beautiful free spring project.

FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

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Jennifer Tran
Flowersmith cover

This project has been extracted from Flowersmith by Jennifer Tran (£20, Hardie Grant)

You will need: Craft essentials, free templates, scissors, pliers, toothpick, bamboo skewer, crepe paper 60gsm: pink, light green, yellow, 16-gauge wire, marker pens

1 Using pink paper, cut seven petals with template A. Colour the tips of each petal with a dark pink marker.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

2 To create the stem cut a 30cm piece of wire. Wrap the entire length of the stem with light green paper strip, securing with PVA glue.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

3 For the centre of the flower cut a 2 x 10 cm strip of white or yellow paper. Gently stretch the piece of paper crosswise to increase the width to about 15 cm. If using white paper watercolour the strip with yellow paint. Once dry use a brown marker to colour the bottom 1.5 cm of the strip.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

4 Finely fringe the top 1 cm of the yellow paper strip. Fold the fringed paper in half four times, until it resembles a tassel. Gently twist the fringe back and forth several times, then unwrap the paper strip completely.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

5 Wrap the unfringed edge of the paper strip around one end of the stem, securing with PVA glue. Curl and ruffle the edges of the pink petals you prepared earlier.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

6 Pinch together the bottom 1 cm of each petal. Attach the petals evenly around the base of the flower centre using PVA glue. Using light-green paper, cut one calyx with template B.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

7 Twist and curl the individual sepals, then wrap the calyx around the stem, 5 mm below the base of the flower, so that the sepals are evenly distributed. Secure with PVA glue.
FREE DIY Cosmo Flower Project

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