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Flower pots

Decoupage Decoupage

Decoupage flower pots with pretty patterned papers


Craft Essentials, First Edition Deco Mache paper: floral, Terracotta pots: 11cm diameter, White chalk paint, Mod Podge

This is a perfect make for upcycling old flower pots and great fun for papercrafters who love to get a bit messy! Get tearing strips of pretty tissue paper and layer them with glue to create a set of stunning decoupage flower pots. They are the thriftiest way to brighten up a windowsill at home, and you can choose papers that will match the décor of your home perfectly.

Wash your pot with soapy water. Once dry, brush white chalk paint all over and set aside.

Tear tissue paper into 10cm square pieces. Begin pasting part of the pot with Mod Podge, then lay the tissue lightly over the top. Once you are happy with the position, smooth the paper down from the centre outwards.

Add a second piece of paper slightly overlapping the first and smooth down as before. Seal the join with a little adhesive.

Continue covering the pot, tearing smaller sections of paper to fill in gaps between larger motifs. Seal the decoupage with two thin coats of Mod Podge.

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