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Decoupage Metal Trays

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Give your home an instant update with these stunning trays.You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to transform your trash into treasure! Inspired by this season’s boho trend, we’re loving the vibrant colours and paisely prints that have been incorporated into this project. Serve up some summery treats at your next garden party and be sure to give your tablewear a stylish twist!

Decoupage Metal Trays

YOU WILL NEED: Craft essentials, Decoupage paper, Mod Podge adhesive, Metal trays, Gilding wax (optional), Metallic spray paint (optional)

1. Wash a tray in warm, soapy water to remove any grease. If necessary, polish with a suitable silver cleaner and buff to a bright shine. For a more distressed look on modern chromed objects, spray lightly with metallic spray paint and leave to dry completely before applying a little gilding wax with a fingertip and wiping away the excess with a soft cloth. Avoid applying wax to the centre.

2. Lay a sheet of plain bond paper in the centre of a tray. Use a thumbnail to trace around the middle, making a crease in the paper as you do so. Remove it and cut around the crease line to create a template. Lay it over the wrong side of printed decoupage paper and draw around it. Cut out and check it fits.

3. Paste the centre of the tray with adhesive, working it right up to the edges. While the glue is wet, lay the decoupage paper lightly on top and slide to fit. Begin smoothing the paper down from the centre out in all directions. Leave to dry completely; this will allow any wrinkles to smooth out. When flat, seal with two thin coats of adhesive.

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