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Crafty Guide To… Dry Embossing

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Also known as relief embossing, dry embossing is the method of creating a raised design on paper, card or vellum. It can be done by hand using a stencil and embossing tool. It can also be achieved using a machine such as the Craftwell Cut ‘n’ Boss. Embossing is a great way of adding texture and dimension to your projects. Here, we’ll show you how to do easy embossing by hand.

Crafty Guide To… Dry Embossing

This technique is great for creating interesting backgrounds and adding a professional look to your cards. The below design is a great example.

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Take your chosen stencil and flip it over so the design is reversed. Tape it to a light box or a well-lit work surface.

Place your card or paper over the top and secure with tape.

Use the ball-tip of an embossing tool to firmly press out your design.

Turn over your design when finished to reveal the raised surface.

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