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Craft Paper Blooms

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Show someone special how much you appreciate them with a bunch of everlasting poppies and peonies. Crepe paper is incredibly easy to work with as it crinkles and folds well, plus it also holds its form. This makes it an ideal material for creating the illusion of textured petals. Have fun and experiment with vibrant, bright blooms or delicate pastel shades, then place your floral masterpieces in a glass jar or jug ready for gifting.

Craft Paper Blooms

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1 To make an anemone, use the template to cut a shape from crepe paper. Drag the paper over the edge of a table to loosen the fibres, then cut a slit as indicated. Crinkle the petal by alternately folding over a pencil and skewer.

2 Overlap at the base to create a cup shape and glue in place – each petal should be able to stand up and have a flat base. Make a second petal, then overlap the bases and secure with hot glue. Repeat with more petals then, once done, curl the tops of the outer ones.

3 Cut a circle, 8cm, from another colour of paper and fringe with scissors all the way around. Shape it into a cup and glue in the centre. To make a stem, wrap wire with florist tape and secure with glue at the back. Use a similar technique to create poppies and peonies.

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