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Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

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Has a Christmas countdown ever been as beautiful as Corinne Bradd’s Christmas stocking advent calendar? The answer to that question is, quite simply, no. Corinne’s used her handy templates to brilliant effect and blown us away with the Christmas project to end all Christmas projects. There are so many ways to personalise your Christmas stocking advent calendar too. If you prefer a rustic look, why not go for a woodland walk to forage some sticks, in place of the wooden dowels?

As well as the templates downloadable here, we’ve also put together some Christmas stocking SVG files to make Corinne’s project extra simple.

Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

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Templates or Christmas stocking SVG files
Patterned papers, Cocoa Vanilla Studio Joyful
Coordinating cardstock
Wooden dowels, 1⁄4 inch
Macramé string
DK cotton yarn
Tissue paper
Hole punch
PVA glue
Digital cutting machine (optional)

1. Use a handsaw to cut 1⁄4” wooden dowels to the following lengths: 35cm, 43cm, 51cm, 59cm, 67cm. Trim a 3m length of macramé string and hang the centre from a hook if possible. Tie both tails of yarn to each end of the dowels with a tight overhand knot, starting with the shortest piece of wood at the top and finishing with the largest, leaving 15cm between each one. Secure the knots with a little PVA glue once happy with the layout.

2. Using the SVG files or templates, cut 25 stocking shapes in different sizes from patterned paper, selecting motifs to sit in the centre of each shape if possible. Apply a fine line of tacky PVA around the edge of each shape, leaving the top unglued. Fix the shape to coordinating coloured cardstock and leave to dry. Trim the backing to the shape of the stocking.

3. Carefully open the top of the stocking and place a chunky marker pen or similar inside it to gently curve the card. Leave for a few minutes, remove the pen and push a little tissue paper inside the stocking, down to the toe, to pad out the shape slightly.

4. Snip the Advent sheet in the paper collection into Get the individual numbers. Place a number at the top-left corner of each stocking and punch a small hole through all the layers. Tie a length of DK cotton yarn through the hole and secure with an overhand knot. Use the tails of the yarn to tie each stocking to the dowels with a neat bow, in a random order.

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