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Christmas Sleigh Gift Boxes

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These fun and easy Christmas sleighs are perfect for pepping up your Christmas table. They’re big enough to carry chocolates or mini gifts and are bound to be a real talking point at your feast.

Christmas Sleigh Gift Boxes

To make sure your sleigh gift boxes are a success, keep an eye on the finer points. Hide any glued edges to keep them attractive from all angles. Plus, make sure your runners are always attached at the same height, otherwise you’ll have a wonky sleigh!

These designs are great, but they can easily be altered for something a little different. To make more of a statement, try scaling them up. You could also fill them with larger presents if you wish, just make sure that the runners are made from thicker cardstock to support the weight of a heavier gift. Alternatively, make the most of your super sleighs by adding Santa and a couple of reindeers, then popping some battery tealights into the sleigh.

You Will Need:
Dies, Sizzix Thinlits Winter Leaves
Patterned papers, Funky Fossil Designs Merry & Bright
Cardstock: various colours, glitter
Punch, hole
Baker’s twine
Gel pen, white
Die-cutting machine

Tree Gift Sleigh
1. Trim two red runner shapes with a curve at the end. Attach three strips of red cardstock to each runner, then add red glitter card and white gel pen dashes. Create the sleigh using the step-by-step below.

2. Cover the sleigh panels, inside and out, with red glitter card. Punch small holes in one end of the sleigh, then feed through baker’s twine and knot.

3. Fold and glue patterned paper together so it becomes double-sided. Snip into two trees and secure to the inside edges of the sleigh. Add a gold star to the top of each tree.

Present Gift Sleigh
1. Cut out two red runner shapes with pointed ends and four small strips, then cover in wood effect paper. Attach the strips to the runners at an angle. Use the step-by-step below to create the sleigh.

2. Cover the inside and outside of the sleigh with red star paper. Make presents from red card and patterned paper, using glitter card for the ribbon. Add mini twine bows and adhere inside the sleigh. Punch small holes in one end of the sleigh, then feed and knot baker’s twine through the holes.

Holly Gift Sleigh
1. Trim four pointed-end runner shapes from gold glitter card, then adhere back-to-back in pairs. Cut four strips from red and layer gold glitter card on top. Attach the strips to the runners at an angle. Construct the sleigh using the step-by-step below.

2. Make four curved sleigh sides from wood effect cardstock. Die cut foliage from various shades of greens, red, gold and cream. Arrange and secure between two of the curved panels. Repeat for the other side.

3. Add the sides onto the sleigh, then layer a strip of gold across each panel. Punch small holes in one end of the sleigh, feed through baker’s twine and knot.

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