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Bonus make! Paper bowls

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Check out our bonus make. These pretty paper bowls are a great idea and make a beautiful pressie for a friend or gift for yourself. What’s more they are so easy to make!

Bonus make! Paper bowls


PaperCrafter 74 kit, PaperCrafter Studio Selection Paper Book, White computer paper, Diamond glaze, PVA glue, Cling film

Make sure you pick up the latest issue of PaperCrafter (out on 15th August) so can get all the essentials you need to create Elizabeth Moad’s delightful containers. The confetti bowl is made from PaperCrafter Studio Selection Paper Book papers designed by the amazing Jessica Hogarth while Elizabeth’s round bowl employs delicate decoupage papers illustrated by talented Lydia Meiying. All these papers are only available in the PaperCrafter 74 pack.

Both bowls use a papier mache paste, we use a PVA glue watered down to two parts glue to one part water, as it’s easy to make and washes off easily.

METHOD: Confetti Bowl

Cut out lots of 3.5cm and 2.5cm circles out from patterned papers. Plenty are needed.

Cover a small ceramic bowl with cling film and place upturned on a plastic sheet. Paste the circles on the reverse side and put good side up on the cling film. Cover the bowl shape with the circles of two sizes leaving gaps between the circles near the rim. Leave to dry.

Remove from the cling film and ceramic bowl to reveal the inside. Now cut lots of circles 2.5cm in diameter from the pink patterned paper and glue these inside the bowl, with a large circle of blue at the base. Once dry cover the whole bowl with Diamond Glaze or similar to protect it.

METHOD: Round Bowl

Cover the outside of a small ceramic bowl with cling film, then tear strips of white cheap computer paper and leave aside. With a 1cm wide brush, coat a strip of paper with papier mache paste, and place on the cling film of the upturned bowl.

Continue overlaying pasted strips of paper until the bowl is covered and leave to dry. Then tear strips of patterned decoupage paper from the kit and cover the container.

Ensure the whole of the bowl is covered. Then when dry remove from the cling film and ceramic bowl, revealing the inside of the container. Use decoupage tissue paper to cover the inside and rim of the bow.

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