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Foiled Valentine’s Day Projects

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Ingrid Vichova shows you how to create stunning foiled greetings with an applicator and reactive paint

Foiled Valentine’s Day Projects

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Finishing touches
Make your creations pop with a touch of luxury. Hot foiling is a trendy way of adorning cards, invitations, wedding stationery and scrapbook pages. This technique has been around for a while but with supplies increasing, this fabulous technique is even easier to master. I love to use my Minc machine, or if you haven’t got one, simply use a laminator.

Applying foil
There are several ways to apply reflective accents to your designs. Foil can be applied to Minc reactive paint, DecoFoil Transfer Gel, toner sheets, adhesive pens and any laser printed images. Simply place foil on top of your laser printed image, a sheet of copy or parchment paper underneath it, then place it in a transfer folder. Run this through your hot foiling applicator or laminator, then be prepared to see the stunning results!

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