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Moroccan-inspired Crafts

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Add a little Moroccan ambience to your next get-together with these easy-peasy papercrafts

Moroccan-inspired Crafts

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It’s time to get the party started! Moroccan-inspired hues and repeat patterns give these handmade gift bags and candle decorations a warm, harmonious look, and the pops of metallic gold offer a sun-kissed glow. Our makes are perfect for a bit of escapism – forget about the freezing weather outside and craft your way to the souks of Marrakech.

You will need

Craft essentials
Washi tape
Glass jars or candle pots
Paint, glass
Spray paint, metallic

Gift bags

1. Fold in 9cm on A4 landscape paper, then again on the other side to meet the edge with a 1cm overlap and secure. Placing your hand inside, refold and flatten the bag 3cm away from the first folds. Open the bag and press the narrow gusset between the folds to the inside, creasing to make a concertina gusset.

2. Fold up the bottom edge of the bag by 3cm and 4.5cm. Unfold, fold back the top layer only on the 4.5cm line and place your finger inside the gap to push the folded ends flat against the 3cm fold line.

3. Press down the sides of the tray shape and crease the diagonal edges to make a flattened octagon. Fold in the top and bottom edges along the 3cm line and secure. Fold down the top edge of the base of the bag so the gussets can be opened and the container will stand up.

4. Decorate the front of the bag with lengths of washi tape and sections of metallic-sprayed doily, folding in line with the creases of the bag so that it can be stored flat.

Washi jars

1. Using a straight-sided coloured candle jar, fix a length of taut washi tape around the base, overlapping the ends and trimming neatly with a craft knife.

2. Add a second strip of a different pattern in the same way. Continue to add washi tape, matching up the patterns if possible. Carefully burnish the tape down with a bone folder or your thumbnail.

Doily jars

1. Place a paper doily onto newspaper and spray with metallic paint. Leave to dry before respraying for perfect coverage. Wrap the doily around a coloured candle jar and crease around the bottom edge. Remove and cut along the crease line.

2. Paste the back of the cut doily with diluted PVA glue, before replacing around the jar and gently smoothing into place with a damp cloth to remove excess glue.

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