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Mini Parasols

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PaperCrafter designer Corinne Bradd shows us how to create some wonderful weather-inspired makes

Mini Parasols

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British summertime is a very unique time of year – the day might start bright and sunny, but just a few hours later it could be pouring with rain! Fortunately for us paper lovers, this changeable season provides great inspiration for a range of projects. What a great way to use up all of those odds and ends you have in your stash!

You will need

Craft essentials
Die: scalloped circle
Paper straws
Washi tape
Cocktail sticks
Embroidery thread
Beads: small

1. Cut a scalloped circle from patterned paper. Fold in half, pattern side in, using the indents of the scallops as a guide. Unfold and fold again, this time using the adjacent pair of indents. Continue like this to create a radiating series of creases.

2. Turn the circle over and crease in the opposite direction, this time folding in between each existing crease so the circle begins to concertina. Ensure all creases are sharp and place the circle patterned side down. Glue a 1cm wide card disc to the middle. Pierce a small hole in the centre.

3. Wrap a cocktail stick with washi tape and push one pointed end through the hole in the circle. Glue a small bead to the protruding tip of the stick. Decorate the stem of the parasol with lengths of embroidery thread knotted around the cocktail stick.


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