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Luxe Lanterns

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Luxe Lanterns

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When it comes to revamping interiors, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. There are lots of cheap, crafty things you can do that will take an item from everyday to one-of-a-kind. Decoupage is a great way to give a new lease of life to old or boring household objects. Here, Corinne Bradd has taken some plain paper lanterns and added colour and pattern to them to create beautiful decorations. You’ll find everything you need at Baker Ross, which specialises in fun crafts for both adults and children.

You will need

Craft essentials
Paper lanterns
Coloured tissue paper
Acrylic paint

1. Carefully assemble several lanterns by opening out the paper balls and placing the wire stretchers inside. The rings at the top and bottom of the lantern should rest on the notches of the stretcher.

2. Tie a length of cord to the top of each stretcher. Paint the lanterns with a coat of light-coloured acrylic paint, and hang up to dry.

3. Cut coloured tissue paper into triangles or circles, using three or four colours per lantern. Decide on a pattern such as polka dots, then paste the lantern with a little PVA glue and lay a tissue shape on top.

4. Paste over the tissue to flatten it, but do not over-brush as the colour may start to bleed from the tissue. Continue adding papers to the surface of the lantern until it is covered. Leave the PVA to dry completely before adding a second thin coat all over the ball to seal.

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