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Everlasting Hydrangeas

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These watercolour blooms are easier than they look: that’s a PaperCrafter promise!

There’s nothing quite like pretty flowers to make us feel good, brighten the day and add a splash of colour to our surroundings. So if you’re looking for a cheerful project with sunny days in mind, then Jill Alblas’ idea is just the ticket. The technique is fun and easy, you just need a small circle punch to get started. We’ve also used watercolour paints, but inks and acrylics would be fine too… or you could just raid the kids’ poster paints. After all, we’re crafters. We improvise!

Everlasting Hydrangeas

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You will need

Card: white, mid pink, bright pink
Polystyrene balls: 50mm, 75mm diameter
Punch, 15mm circle
Glue gun, low temperature
Watercolour paint: cerise, green
Watercolour paper
Brush, large, soft
Seed beads, brown
Wire, aluminium
Florist’s tape

Everlasting hydrangeas

1. Prepare the paper sheets by diluting cerise paint in a saucer or dish. Use a wet brush to apply a pale wash to both sides of a sheet of paper. Add a little more paint to the saucer to deepen the shade, then apply a mid-pink wash to both sides of another sheet of paper. Create a third sheet in a deeper pink. Paint a green wash to both sides of another sheet.

2. To make the flower stem, trim 30cm of wire and push one end into a polystyrene ball. Push the wire right into the ball, but don’t allow it to protrude the other side. Use a glue gun to secure the wire. Wind the wire tightly with florist’s tape.

3. To make the individual flowers, punch four small circles from one of the pink papers. Fold each circle in half and firmly pinch one end of the fold. This will form the pointed end of the petal. Apply a spot of adhesive to a polystyrene ball.

4. With the pointed end of each one facing outwards, press four petals on the glue to make a flower. Vary the colours and repeat to cover the ball keeping the flowers closer together. Trim leaves from green paper. Bind the leaf stems in place using florist’s tape. Add a spot of craft glue to the centre of each flower and press a seed bead in place to finish.

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