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Dinosaur Wall Plaque

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Brother once again proving the only limit to die cutting is your imagination! Don’t forget to download your FREE templates or SVG files to make this a quick lunchtime project. 

Dinosaur Wall Plaque

Templates from
Brother ScanNCut CM900
Card: polka-dot, foil, coloured
Washi tape

1. Cut foiled card to 20cm x 30cm and apply green and purple washi tape to create two decorative borders. Choose a typeface from the ScanNCut font library and spell out your recipient’s name.

2. Enlarge the text to 3.5cm tall and cut out two versions of each letter from different colours. Layer together, slightly offsetting them. Fix the name across the centre of the background with 3D foam pads.

3. Download the dinosaur templates from our website and scan dinosaur motifs into the Brother ScanNCut. Unify each individual dinosaur part so that they can be enlarged, flipped and moved collectively. Alternatively, download the templates as SVG files.

4. Arrange your dinosaurs on the layout sheet and cut them out from different coloured card. Cut, remove the shapes carefully from the sheet and ensure that all small sections are kept intact with the main design.

5. Fix the dinosaurs around the name, placing the body on the background first and then inserting the additional sections in alternate colours.

Why not download your FREE templates as SVG digital cutting files?

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